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 The 5 Most Effective Call to action Techniques

Incorporating an effective call-to-action is an quintessential feature of any website and a website designing company is well aware of this fact. And this is not restricted only to E-commerce sites. Every website should have a target it wants users to accomplish.

Whether it is filling in a contact form, signup for the weekly subscription or Download the site's brochure. A call to action provides

  1. attention to your site
  2. A way to increase your site's conversion rate
  3. Improve the user experience

Now how do you go about creating an effective call-to-action? Shed your worries, we have grounded some most effective call to action techniques. Website Designing Company Delhi


Value Proposition your Call to Action provides: Before you pursue a user to complete a call to action they have to identify the need. In this regard Infomercials can do the trick. Before they ask users to act, they first recognize the problem. Then they provide a product or service that help aid the problem.  Apart from this you also need to state the benefits of responding. What will the visitor get once they complete the call to action.


Address the user's concern about the Call to Action: Certain call to action entails a nominal subscription fee, payment or filling in personal or account details. Completing such call to action is often a leap of faith on behalf of the user.  This give rise to certain questions and concerns that users want to be addressed first hand. They shouldn't have to go searching for these answers, like delivery charges, privacy policy or those signing up for a newsletter about how often you will email them.


Have Minimum Call to action: You must limit the number of Calls to Action you are using. Too many and user becomes distracted and annoyed. A study in supermarkets have revealed that if the buyer sees too many options it is less likely that they would buy anything. Well the number of calls to action you are using must solely depend on your business model and if you need large number of calls to action. And it is less the number of calls to action and more the distinctiveness of each.


Positioning of Call to action: Another important factor is the position where you place your call to action on the page. You should place it at the top of your page and in the centre to garner maximum user attention. But keep one thing in your peripheral that this does not guarantee success if there are image of faces on the page because such images tend to draw our attention away from the call to action.


Use alternative color on your call to action: Using fun attractive colors is always considered effective in drawing attention to elements. And this is a done deal when the rest of the site is usually in soft color tones or neutral. But on the other hand don't focus solely on the color as some users are color blind and will likely not see the contrast.


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